The Ultimate Screenshot 

I recently became a OnePlus 3T owner because my OG Nexus 5 finally started failing on me enough to face facts and part ways with it. And while I’ve been basking in the glory of eleven (11) hour battery life there is another feature I’ve recently wondered how I ever lived without. Continuous screenshot.

It is such a little and obvious feature but right now feels more important that copy and paste to me now. I can take screenshots of whole parts of a web page to share. This feature would have made me even more obnoxious on Google Plus #neverforget . 

I still wish the $200+ price difference was insignificant enough for me to stay in a pure Google world. Or at least I wish Google would bring back the Google Experience phones (GE) or sell a pure GE distro you could install yourself. But I do feel fight at home on a One Plus. I’m just reminded from time to time I’m not completely “At Home”. But then I get another 11 hours off my battery and I smile again. 

Unrefined Coconut Oil facts from


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