We Need A Reunion ASAP!!!

I am not putting down Friends. But one of the three shows that was part of my college and early 20s life was Living Single. Everybody use to get together and watch. Can we get at least a six (6) episode reunion series since Hulu picked up the streaming rights? The numbers would be banannas.

And FYI the other two shows were Martin and New York Undercover.

Check out @hulu’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/hulu/status/950892101100650496?s=09


Playing with my emotions

Why would I even get my hopes up for this.


Winter Weather Apps

new weathers apps i found


While dangerous winter weather is never great (especially when you have to still go to work) it is a great time to find out about apps and sure you had no clue about.


I love when apps that actually look like and work like apps in the browser. Windy.com  looks so great in Chrome I don’t think I will even bother to install the native app.


Morecast is pretty. Has all the weather information you would care about. Has a community feature where you can share pics of weather events if you would like. But I think I have more than enough social in my life. Getting rid of ads is only about $3 a year so that’s cool. Android only though.


Snowy Bomb

Can’t wait to see what it will look like in the morning (sarcasm)


Do they miss Lonzo Now?

With the Lakers recent play and the OKC blowout Wednesday night I hope people give Lonzo a break for the rest of the season. He isn’t the best rookie in the league. But it is more than apparent that the Lakers depend on Lonzo more than any other team depends on their rookie. 
Lonzo’s father is a jerk and even if he was Been Simmons the Lakers would only be but so good this year. But he is still a great all around player and unselfish passer. 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia


The Knicks and Frank

“Sometimes it’s who meshes well with what group,” he said. “Frank is meshing well with our second group, Jarrett (Jack)’s meshing well with the first group. We see times when they do mesh with other group and it’s not so comfortable. It’s Frank’s continued work. He’s learning the teams in this league, the guys in this league, he’s going to get better as the season goes on.” – JOHN HEALY

I hope the Knicks are doing this to save him for the back half of the season and a possible playoff run. The only way to mesh with a group to to play with them. So if you think you have a better player you play them and it works out. I’m hoping this isn’t Phil Jackson resentment. It’s a new day in Gotham but it would be too good to be true to expect all the organizational tomfoolery to be over with.