My Hero Academia – My New Favorite Anime


I’ve watched hard core anime for 24 years now. I can remember the summer of 1994 when I first started getting fan subs of Dragon Ball Z and the Fist of the North Star OVA how I was hooked for life. Since then I’ve watched so many movies and series of different types the whole time. But I always came back to Goku and Dragon Ball. That was until Deku (Izuku Midoriya) and My Hero Academia.

Without trying to be an offbeat review I love My Hero for all the same reasons I love Dragon Ball. There is comedy of course. And then you have your epic fights. But the biggest thing I love is the fighting heart that the main characters have. The willingness to keep fighting no matter how bad things get and to push through their limits. Its what I love about Goku so much. Deku has a lot of those same qualities. Not as fight happy. But he rather die that to give up on his friends and loved ones. I’m a sucker for stories like that.


My Social 40s

Something strange has happened to me recently. I don’t share as much online as I use to. Chalk it up to the moral panic running rampant due to the Facebook untrust going on but this has been brewing for a while. I still have friends and family that I’ll share pics and funny quotes and videos with, but I’m no where near the social butterfly I use to be.

Back even before Twitter I found myself drawn to soucal platforms to meet people. I made a lot of friends I have kept till this day. But sharing minute by minute developments of my life like I paid for a half an hour spot on a Manhattan cable access channel in the 80s does not motivate me anymore.

I’m not sure if I’m even bothered by my new outlook on social sharing. I have learned that while I am prone to over share (i.e prone is really close to porn in spelling isn’t it) maybe less is more. Then again that is something an old person would say. So I’ll just end with that.

So About Westworld

Last season I am not ashamed to say I was a Westworld fan. I watched every week and sought out site that speculated what was really going on. And while Westworld wasn’t my favorite series on TV I loved the writing and mystery of it all. So it was no surprise that I resubscribed to HBO just for the premier. And I has questions.

Without giving away any spoilers for season one (come on people its been a year) the biggest issue with the show it that they will hold a surprise for too long. The major plot twist had been guessed by so many people online that when it finally happened it wasn’t really a surprise anymore. That isn’t to say that there weren’t any good surprises during the season. But far too many of them could be pieced together from pretty obvious cookie crumbs earlier in the season. So while the writing is excellent the suspense can feel a bit manufactured after a time. LIke the writers are saying “Just wait. You are all right but you gotta still see it happen,”.

Last night’s season two premier made me feel like I missed something. Made me miss the super comprehensive Lost and Battle Star season reaps they had at the beginning and middle of each season. The Westworld recap felt like a mixtape of hooks and gotchas. Bullet points but not context. Probably my own fault. As dense and multilayered as season one was I would have been worth while to at least review some of the corner stone episodes if not the entire season.

Again it is possible that after a long day and finishing up some classwork my brain was not ready to handle the hour long game of Stratego that is an episode of Westworld. I really hope my first impression has been tainted by my exhaustion and lack of focus. Would hate to be soured on such a good show because I was tired. Or maybe I’m just not smart enough to graduate to season two.

Uh Oh Google Voice

So… Not a lot of Google Voice users out there. I knew it wasn’t the biggest userbase in the world. But 9% on an overwhelmingly Google and Android user fourm? I didn’t know that Voice usership was really that low. Allo even beat Voice.

It’s less that two months till I/O so I’m hoping to hear something about the long term plans for Voice. Like will it get RCS support. My level of worry has gone up a few degrees.

Here We Go Again…

So Google is changing chat priorities again. After two years of living and breathing Allo after Hangouts, Google Talk, and even Wave big G decided to get completely out of the messenger game and put all their resources into Rich Communications Service (RCS) . Logically it makes sense. With Android being a (Air Quotes) Open (Close Air Quotes) system making an app is problematic. If you build a default or defacto app makes people afraid that you will push or give priority to your app over 3rd party apps since you basically own the OS…

Cough (Pixel)… Cough (Play Store)… Cough (Chromebook)…

The advantages as stated in The Verge article are numerous. For one it is a data service. So if you have two people using RCS you can escape SMS charges. I mean at least internationally. Most users in the United States get unlimited SMS/MMS now. But having friends in places as far away as Japan and as close as Puerto Rico and Canada RCS can save a lot of money. Second, instead of having to create a new modern, hip chat app with all the bells and whistles that people always expect, Google can focus on being the glue that supports said whistles and bells on the network side. Its up to apps to take advantage of the network features moving forward. And that’s not even considering:

  • Not being accused of playing favorites with apps
  • No more re-branding of apps
  • No more updating multiple chat apps
  • No more having to figure out how to get your own chat apps to play nicely with each other
  • No more getting me excited about a new app just to crush my heart and not even call to say sorry

It isn’t all hunky dory though. Personally I pushed Allo hard. And I really did love it. It was so much faster and better looking that Hangouts was. Which I also loved. But people never migrated over. I actually had a group of friends that moved back from Allo to Hangouts. But the lack of people adopting Allo with the fact that Google was dead set against adding SMS interoperability was a hurdle that users could never get past. If Allo had at least that feature I’m pretty sure most Hangouts users would have jumped. But what’s done is done.

One real issue I have though is Google Voice. Will Voice have RCS support? You would think Google’s own telephony service (one of them at least) would have RCS support. Makes too much sense I guess.

We Need A Reunion ASAP!!!

I am not putting down Friends. But one of the three shows that was part of my college and early 20s life was Living Single. Everybody use to get together and watch. Can we get at least a six (6) episode reunion series since Hulu picked up the streaming rights? The numbers would be banannas.

And FYI the other two shows were Martin and New York Undercover.

Check out @hulu’s Tweet: